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DatasetPublic Crime Rates
Dataset DescriptionData is from the annual crime and disorder figures supplied by Tyne and Wear Research and Information.
Burglary Figures were not always available for the Northumbria Police Force, or England and Wales.  In 2003 and 2004 some data was not available as figures less than 5 were supressed before they were supplied, and it has not been possible to re-obtain them.  No information was available for England and Wales or the Northumbria Police Force area for 2008/09

The 'Other' category consists of Drugs, Fraud, Forgery, Robbery, Sexual Offences and Other Crimes.
Rates are expressed per 1000 population with the exception of burglary from dwelling which is expressed per 1000 properties.
Rates prior to 2007/08 were calculated using census populations.  These were then updated to Office of National Statistics Mid Year Estimates for all areas except Police Beats, where no newer population is available, and as such may not match offical statistics.   Police Beats were recalcuated in 2008/09.
  • Public Crime Rates
    AudiencePublicly Available
    SourceNorthumbria Police and Safer Newcastle
    FrequencyAnnual - Financial Year
    DataFrom "2003/2004" to "2008/2009"
    Last Updated27/04/2010
    Next Update27/04/2011
    CustodianSarah Ledger
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