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DatasetCarbon Dioxide Emissions
Dataset Description

The dataset provides a spatial disaggregation of the CO2 from the UK Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHGI), part of the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI), on an end user basis. This means that emissions from the production and processing of fuels, including the production of electricity, are reallocated to users of these fuels to reflect total emissions for each type of fuel consumed. The disaggregation methodology is complex, and different approaches are used to make best use of the quantity and quality of suitable data that are available for each sector.

The activity data used to produce these estimates come from four main sources:

• Department for Energy and Climate Change sub-national gas and electricity consumption statistics2;

• Point source emissions from large industrial installations;

• High resolution (1 km2) emissions distribution maps developed under the NAEI programme; and,

• Land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) regional data supplied by the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).

National end user emissions data are used to calculate emission factors for each activity. Local authority activity data are then multiplied by the relevant emission factor to generate an estimate of emissions in each LA.

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Data should be used with reference to the report 'Local and Regional CO2 Emissions Estimates for 2005-2009', produced by AEA for DECC
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions
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    SourceDepartment of Energy and Climate Change
    DataFrom "2005" to "2009"
    Last Updated12/10/2011
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