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DatasetNewcastle Residents Survey
Dataset Description


The Resident' Survey monitors residents' perceptions of the Council and the services it provides at both Ward and City level. The survey covers perceptions and performance of the Council, information about the Council, involvement in decision making and gettng involved, satisfaction with Council services, views on the local area, community safety and health and lifestyle.

The survey is sent to a random sample of households in Newcastle, of sufficient size to be statistically representative of the views of residents across the city.

The survey asks the following questions (amongst others) under each of these themes.


Household refuse collection service (% satisfied)
Local recycling points (% satisfied)
Keeping public land clear of litter and refuse (% satisfied)
Home recycling (% satisfied)
Rubbish and litter lying around (% problem)
Street cleaning services (% satisfied)
Street lighting (% satisfied)
Household waste recycling centre ( % satisfied)
Energy efficiency advice and services (% satisfied)
Condition of pavements (% satisfied)
Condition of roads (% satisfied)
Local bus service (% satisfied)
Local cycling facilities (% satisfied)
Level of fitness (% very/quite fit)
Local services are doing more these days to help people lead healthier lives (% agree)
Life as a whole nowadays (% satisfied)
Smoke daily
Had 5 or more portions of fruit yesterday
Drink 5 or more alcoholic drinks on a typical day when drinking
Participate in 30 mins moderate/vigorous physical activity or sport 3+ times a week
Health in general (% very good/good)
 Culture and Leisure 
Sports, leisure facilities and events (% satisfied)
Libraries (% satisfied)
Parks and open spaces (% satisfied)
Museums and galleries (% satisfied)
Theatres and concert halls (% satisfied)
Historic monuments and sites (% satisfied)
 Local Area 
Local area as a place to live (% satisfied)
Local area has got better/not changed much in last year
Changes in your area - last 2 years (% satisfied)
How strongly belong to immediate neighbourhood? (% very/fairly strongly)
Your home as a place to live (% satisfied)
Choice of housing (% satisfied)
 Local Public Services 
How well informed do you feel about what to do in the event of a large scale emergency? (% very/fairly well informed)
In your opinion, are older people in your local area able to get the services and support they need to continue to live at home for as long as they want (% yes)
Police and public services seek people's views about anti-social behaviour and crime issues in your local area (% agree)
Police and other local public services are successfully dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime issues in your local area (% agree)
 Community Safety 
Safety outside in Newcastle City Centre after dark
Safety outside in your local area after dark
 Anti Social Behaviour 
Parents take responsible for children's behaviour (% agree)
Not treating others with respect (% problem)
Noisy neighbours or loud parties (% problem)
Teenagers hanging around the streets (% problem)
Vandalism, graffiti etc (% problem)
People being attacked due to skin colour, ethnic origin or religion (% problem)
People using or dealing drugs (% problem)
People being drunk or rowdy (% problem)
Abandoned or burnt our cars (% problem)
   Community Involvement 
Residents informed about services and benefits Council provides (% very/fairly well informed)
Opportunities to participate in local decision making (% satisfied)
Can influence decisions in local area (% agree)
Enough opportunity to influence Council policies and services (% agree)
Informed  about how and where to register to vote (% very/fairly well informed)
Informed about how Council Tax is spent (% very/fairly well informed)
Given unpaid help to group,club or organisation is last 12 months (% at least once a month)
The way the authority runs things (% satisfied)
Council provides value for money (% agree)
Extent to which Council is efficient and well run  (% great deal/to some extent)
Extent to which Council promotes interests of local residents (% great deal/to some extent)
Extent to which Council acts onf the concerns of local residents (% great deal/to some extent)
Extent to which Council treats all types of people fairly (% great deal/to some extent)
 Community Cohesion 
People from different backgrounds get on well together in local area (% agree)
People in the local area can be trusted (% agree)
  • Community Involvement
  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Community Cohesion
  • Community Safety
  • Council
  • Culture and Leisure
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Highways
  • Housing
  • Local Area
  • Local Public Services
  • Transport
    AudiencePublicly Available
    SourceNewcastle City Council
    FrequencyAnnual - Financial Year
    DataFrom "2012/2013" to "2012/2013"
    Last Updated21/03/2013
    Next Update21/03/2014
    CustodianRajshree Shirbhate
    GeographiesLocal Authority (1)
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