Welcome to Newcastle's new and innovative local information system: Newcastle Intelligence Online. This central information resource is designed primarily to support the opening up and sharing of valuable information and statistics more effectively and is available to the public. It is the key source of data and intelligence about the city and brings together good quality, timely statistics and interpretation from a range of sources.  National and local data is collected including population, crime, health and social care, economy, housing, environment and inequality.  The system has a stronger focus on local level data provision such as neighbourhoods and wards. It enables the user to gather statistics, review the current evidence and build a picture for themselves of a particular issue at a particular geography.

The data and intelligence in Newcastle Intelligence Online will inform Newcastle’s Future Needs Assessment by providing a definitive and shared understanding amongst partners of the city’s population and its needs and enable monitoring of change at a local level.  It will also be informed by the experience of practitioners in Newcastle and elsewhere and by the direct input of people in the city via the Let’s Talk Newcastle initiative and other engagement channels.

It should prove invaluable to researchers, statisticians and those involved in strategic policy making or commissioning services. Furthermore, there is a growing need for local leaders and public citizens to have a greater understanding of their communities, neighbourhoods and local areas. Newcastle Intelligence Online will help empower communities through the provision of much more information about the city and its residents.

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