About the accessibility of our website  

We are committed to providing an accessible website that is easy to use by anyone, whatever their age, background, access device or level of ability/disability.

We have designed this website with features that make it easier to use by everyone, including those with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, or neurological disabilities.

At present our website complies with level "A" of the WAI guidelines. These are the international standard for accessible websites and content. Our website also meets many of the criteria for level "AA" compliance, and we are working to toward achieving this in full, to demonstrate our commitment to providing a fully accessible site.

Whilst all aspects of this website have been carefully designed to comply with international accessibility guidelines, there are many companies and people that maintain pages on the website, so there may be a few pages that do not conform to all the guidelines. If you have any problems accessing our website or part of it, then please complete a feedback form.

We will continue to work to ensure that all of our website functions well when used with access devices such as screen readers, braille readers, smart phones and other devices. View the list of supported Internet browsers.

Updated: 02 October 2013 | Owner: Fluent Support Account